Yard Sales

Yard Sales

The City of Franklin has many restrictions on Yard Sales-Garage Sales, including how many you can hold each year.  They also regulate the types of signs you may put out and where those signs may be placed.  The City of Franklin charges a $5.00 permit fee per household for each Yard Sale you hold, and they use those fees to employ someone to go around on Fridays and Saturdays to enforce the sign and sale regulations.  They will confiscate signs not in compliance with their regulations.

Please visit the City of Franklin website at:

http://franklintn.gov/index.aspx?page=389              for more information or in person at Suite 141 at City Hall in downtown Franklin.  If you use their web site, you can print out a permit application and mail it with your $5.00 to P.O. Box 705 Franklin, TN 37065-0705.

Each year, the Preserve at Forrest Crossing tries to sponsor a community-wide Yard Sale in conjunction with Forrest Crossing and Creekstone developments.  We share the cost of the newspaper advertisement and cooperate on the signage on Forrest Crossing Blvd.

The Preserve at Forrest Crossing owns a generic Yard Sale sign that anyone can borrow and place by our entrance marquee on Forrest Crossing Blvd.   For more information or to borrow the Yard Sale sign, contact Lee Anderson 

The Preserve
at Forrest Crossing
Homeowners' Association

PO Box 680464
TN 37068